Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization

In this post I wanted to talk a little about search engine optimization. I know a friend in Memphis that invested in it recently and they gave me a little more insight. First they found the website From there everything was smooth sailing.

Many people are now becoming more and more literate when it comes to using the computer. The computer has become the medium for entertainment, communication, and knowledge for the vast majority of the people in the world. It is no longer surprising that even children as young as three years of age have started to visit their favorite websites like Disneyland and hello kitty through different means.

They tend to find them in search engines like Yahoo and Google, which makes them knowledgeable of the basics of computer communication. Search engines are like the promoter of web pages all across the globe for they become the gateway to link other people towards different websites. Search engine optimization of websites is one of the biggest reasons why web pages differ in website rankings from one another. This elevates us to one of the biggest questions, what is SEO?

The answer to the question what is SEO is rather quite simple. An SEO or a search engine optimizer is an important part of the web development industry for they make use of techniques to promote and increase the traffic of the web page that they are promoting. Without the proper keywords and adequate web documents, an appropriately programmed and a well – designed website will not be meaningful due to the low traffic of people being able to view the site. If you are a multinational corporation who wishes to expand your products to clients and investors from all across the globe, you would surely want to have your website rank on the first few pages of search engines. Nobody intends to be on the later pages because those pages are rarely visited.

Search engine optimization utilizes the use of technical or useful techniques to improve website’s traffic or ranking. Without the help of optimization, web developers will have a hard time determining the right concept of keywords that should be used on the web page. If a web page has a keyword that is not shown on search engines due to its poor search, it would just become a waste of space on the corporate site.

It is crucial for a huge corporate company to invest in a better SEO. If you wish to be a globally known company to improve sales and garner more potential investors, you should promote your company on the World Wide Web. If your company is a substantially ranked site on the web, you will have better sales, more investors coming in and more hits to spread the word about your company.

SEO service not continually monitors your search engine positions but also Analyzes the companies S.E.O services increase brand visibility in the marketplace helping you experienced an increase in traffic, leads and sales. SEO is really a powerful tool in getting high traffic for your website amongst any other sites available on the internet. It also gives you more exposure for your business and more chances of selling your products or services. SEO is really a necessity for you to succeed in internet business. There are several tutors online that will help you in optimizing your own sites. You just have to carefully search for the ones that will give you more knowledge about SEO. This is what is SEO all about.SEO will help any website to raise its profile with search engines, but that does not mean that all websites need SEO work done for it will depend on the individual situation as much as anything.

Tips On Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Service

Hiring a good carpet cleaning service is no easy task as one is constantly bombarded with advertisements which claim all sorts of things but hardly ever give results. The local classifieds and phone directory are full of carpet cleaning companies but how exactly do you know which one offers the best service. And there is also the question of whom to trust when you hand over your expensive Persian or Oriental rug for cleaning.

There are so many factors to consider before zeroing in on a good company which not only offers good service but is also cost effective and fits your budget. It is best to make an informed decision rather than a hasty one which will give you the best results for your time, effort and money. It is always better to choose a professional carpet cleaning service as the products and equipment required to thoroughly clean the carpets are expensive and difficult to purchase for home use. I usually check out Angie’s List to see if a company is trustworthy.  There are other alternatives and cleaning products available in stores but none of them can guarantee the same results as that of a professional carpet cleaner.

Make sure that you create a list of about ten cleaning services before finally hiring one to clean the carpets and rugs. It is good to read reviews and testimonials so that you get an idea of the kind of service offered. A good company will first sent over an executive to take a look at the carpets and then state their payment; some companies have a fixed charge for every square feet of the carpet and the total cost would depend on the length of your carpet. One site you can use to review companies is Yelp.

One of the main misconceptions is that is enough if you clean your carpets when it gets visibly soiled. This is entirely false as the dirt and dust tends to get settled in the carpet fibers and only show up on accumulation. Hence it is important to get your carpets and rugs cleaned periodically and regularly to ensure that it lasts long enough and does not wear out soon. It is also important to choose a company which is equipped with different methods and options as the cleaning method varies according to use and also type of carpet.

For example, a household which has kids and pets will require hot water extraction method to clean the carpets where as low moisture cleansing is enough if children and pets are not present. Hot water extraction or steam cleansing is also the preferred method if you or anyone in your household suffer from allergies especially those related to dust. Assess the depth of knowledge of the service personnel which will give you an idea of how good the cleaning service will be. Also, sign a written contract which has details of the total payment; it is also beneficial to find out what is the compensation offered in case of any damage to your carpet or rugs.

Getting a good carpet cleaning company will ensure that your carpets stay soft and clean in addition to removing all the bacteria and dust particles. I took all these facts into consideration when finding a company servicing memphis TN and ended up a happy customer.

Heres a video on how to get professionally cleaned carpets.


All you need to know about bras.

Finding the right bra can make or break any outfit. Most people often forget its importance in creating an overall polished look. Bras are created to offer support for women and there are a few selections available. Because of these varied options, women often feel confused which ones would perfectly complement their outfits. Fashion forward individuals flaunt their bras called bralettes in their social media accounts such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Victoria’s Secret models often wear pushup bras for their runway looks. It’s very important to be knowledgeable about which type of bra is most suitable for the look you’re going for while keeping it appropriate for the occasion. Today, let’s take a look into 5 Different Bras for Different Styles.


T-shirt Bras are considered by many as the most essential bra all women should have. It is a classic design which is made with seamless embroidery. It’s a molded type bra which comes in multiple colors. T-shirt bras are easy to wear and exude effortless beauty. Even while you’re wearing a regular t-shirt, you should still consider wearing the appropriate bra. This will provide you comfort and increase your confidence knowing that you’ve got your fashion on point.


Probably the most coveted kind of bra is called the Push-up Bra. Most women love accentuating their breasts’ natural beauty by wearing something that would help lift them up. It’s a subtle way of showing some cleavage without showing too much skin. This is perfect for outfits which have lower cuts in the front. The padding and cut were specifically made to suit low cut ensembles. I recommend Victoria’s Secret for the best push-up bras.


Women are big on diet and exercise. However, not wearing a sports bra while you’re at the gym could cause pain and discomfort. Some of the other types of bras have built in wires in them. If you’re going to go on a treadmill and run for an hour, it wouldn’t be the wisest idea to wear bras with wires. This is why sports bras are a must before you hit the gym or do your daily run in your neighborhood. The racer back design is the most popular since it offers the best support for this activity. You can find plenty of sports bra inspo on Pinterest


Bandeaus are usually worn when you’re wearing tops which have small straps or no straps at all. They are also often used when the top has large armholes. Bandeaus are generally more decorative compared to regular bras. Its main purpose is to comfortably be able to wear a bra without showing off your undergarment. Even though it only offers very minimal support, the bandeau is well received in today’s modern society. Plenty of fashion bloggers, models, and celebrities wear bandeaus especially during summer time. In the past, I found the cutest bandeau bras at Target.


If you’re going to wear clothing without straps such as dresses or tops, you will need a strapless bra. This is perfect to wear for special occasions which requires you to wear gowns and cocktail dresses. However, it is also used on a regular basis especially during the hotter months when women love to wear tube tops. It acts the same and offers similar support as a regular bra without openly exposing your breasts to the public. I randomly found my favorite strapless bra at a Memphis lingerie store.




Its camping season in Memphis!

Just because you are going into the wilderness for an adventure does not mean the experience has to be chaotic and uncomfortable. With the right camping trip tips, you should be able to have the time of your life even in the wilderness. Spend more time enjoying the camping trip rather than worrying about it and here are great ideas that will make your time more fun.

Plan ahead

Ensure you make a checklist for your camping equipment so that that you have everything you need for the trip. A thorough check of the camp site before setting camp is important. Some of the things to look at include the kind of terrain, whether or not there are other campers and their camp’s effect on yours.

Arrange your campsite so that everything is strategically located. This includes the eating area, sleeping area, wash area and so on, to avoid any confusion.


Plan your meals at home and get the ingredients ready and packed before you leave the house. You can break the eggs and carry them in a bottle for instance. Making pancake batter and freezing it will also save you a lot of time and energy at camp. This will also reduce the kitchen tools you have to carry as well as make meals easier to make while at camp. Ensure that you store your ingredients in clearly labeled containers too. Bring a bag of tacos as they are ready and easy to eat without having to clean up when you are done. You can order neat freeze dried foods from that are easy to make and barely weigh anything. 

Emergency precautions

Ensure to carry an emergency kit while hiking just in case of a medical emergency especially for the feet. While out in the woods, you will also need a way you can contact someone in case you need help. You can carry a cell phone or a whistle. Alternatively, you can make an acorn into a whistle and use it instead. Carry some deodorant too as it helps ease itchiness. Gel used for toothaches will also come in handy when someone at the camp needs to soothe a mosquito bite. Repel the mosquitoes by keeping sage close to your camp fire. You can also add some of the dried sage into the fire.

Keeping warm

Sleeping naked in your sleeping back will have you feeling warmer compared to sleeping with a lot of clothes on. Use a rug for your tent to make it warmer and comfier to walk around. Padded tiles or a yoga mat will also help keep your feet want inside the tent.

Protect your supplies

Protect your tissue paper and soap by cutting the soap in small pieces and use a piece at a time. Put the tissue paper in a tin or coffee can to keep it safe from water. Keep your matches in a water proof tin or dip them in nail polish so that they do not get wet. Also, carry an extra sand paper just in case you loose your matchbox. You can find the coolest supplies at Bass Pro Shop in the Memphis pyramid. 

Carry camping sunglasses
Protecting your eyes is also important especially in the outdoors. While on a camping trip you are exposed to a lot of elements and one way to keep your eyes safe is by having a pair of sunglasses. This will keep your eyes safe from damage by the sun as well as the UV light being reflected by the snow. I bought my sunglasses with prescription lenses and have not worn regular sunglasses since.  I usually get my  eye exams in East Memphis at a place close to my house. Its best to get sunglasses fitted specifically to your needs and going to your optometrist is the best route to take when ordering specialty sunglasses. Ensure to get the sunglasses especially made for the kind of environment you will be embarking on. Camping sunglasses are also made so comfortable that you might forget that you have them on.

Check out these cool camping tips as well.

Thoughts on Advertising

A noteworthy pattern with respect to eventual fate of promoting is the developing significance of the specialty market utilizing corner or focused on advertisements. Additionally achieved by the Internet and the hypothesis of The Long Tail, promoters will have an expanding capacity to achieve particular groups of onlookers. Before, the most proficient approach to convey a message was to cover the biggest mass business sector gathering of people possible.[citation needed] However, use following, client profiles and the developing fame of corner substance achieved by everything from web journals to informal communication locales, give promoters groups of onlookers that are littler yet much better defined,prompting advertisements that are more important to viewers and more viable for organizations’ showcasing items. Among others, Comcast Spotlight is one such sponsor utilizing this strategy in their video on interest menus. These ads are focused to a particular gathering and can be seen by anybody wishing to discover more around a specific business or practice, from their home. This causes the viewer to wind up proactive and really pick what notices they need to view.

Google AdSense is a case of specialty promoting. Google ascertains the basic role of a site and conforms promotions as needs be; it utilizes watchwords on the page (or even in messages) to locate the general thoughts of themes neglected and places advertisements that will in all probability be tapped on by viewers of the email record or site visitors.