Its camping season in Memphis!

Just because you are going into the wilderness for an adventure does not mean the experience has to be chaotic and uncomfortable. With the right camping trip tips, you should be able to have the time of your life even in the wilderness. Spend more time enjoying the camping trip rather than worrying about it and here are great ideas that will make your time more fun.

Plan ahead

Ensure you make a checklist for your camping equipment so that that you have everything you need for the trip. A thorough check of the camp site before setting camp is important. Some of the things to look at include the kind of terrain, whether or not there are other campers and their camp’s effect on yours.

Arrange your campsite so that everything is strategically located. This includes the eating area, sleeping area, wash area and so on, to avoid any confusion.


Plan your meals at home and get the ingredients ready and packed before you leave the house. You can break the eggs and carry them in a bottle for instance. Making pancake batter and freezing it will also save you a lot of time and energy at camp. This will also reduce the kitchen tools you have to carry as well as make meals easier to make while at camp. Ensure that you store your ingredients in clearly labeled containers too. Bring a bag of tacos as they are ready and easy to eat without having to clean up when you are done. You can order neat freeze dried foods from that are easy to make and barely weigh anything. 

Emergency precautions

Ensure to carry an emergency kit while hiking just in case of a medical emergency especially for the feet. While out in the woods, you will also need a way you can contact someone in case you need help. You can carry a cell phone or a whistle. Alternatively, you can make an acorn into a whistle and use it instead. Carry some deodorant too as it helps ease itchiness. Gel used for toothaches will also come in handy when someone at the camp needs to soothe a mosquito bite. Repel the mosquitoes by keeping sage close to your camp fire. You can also add some of the dried sage into the fire.

Keeping warm

Sleeping naked in your sleeping back will have you feeling warmer compared to sleeping with a lot of clothes on. Use a rug for your tent to make it warmer and comfier to walk around. Padded tiles or a yoga mat will also help keep your feet want inside the tent.

Protect your supplies

Protect your tissue paper and soap by cutting the soap in small pieces and use a piece at a time. Put the tissue paper in a tin or coffee can to keep it safe from water. Keep your matches in a water proof tin or dip them in nail polish so that they do not get wet. Also, carry an extra sand paper just in case you loose your matchbox. You can find the coolest supplies at Bass Pro Shop in the Memphis pyramid. 

Carry camping sunglasses
Protecting your eyes is also important especially in the outdoors. While on a camping trip you are exposed to a lot of elements and one way to keep your eyes safe is by having a pair of sunglasses. This will keep your eyes safe from damage by the sun as well as the UV light being reflected by the snow. I bought my sunglasses with prescription lenses and have not worn regular sunglasses since.  I usually get my  eye exams in East Memphis at a place close to my house. Its best to get sunglasses fitted specifically to your needs and going to your optometrist is the best route to take when ordering specialty sunglasses. Ensure to get the sunglasses especially made for the kind of environment you will be embarking on. Camping sunglasses are also made so comfortable that you might forget that you have them on.

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