All you need to know about bras.

Finding the right bra can make or break any outfit. Most people often forget its importance in creating an overall polished look. Bras are created to offer support for women and there are a few selections available. Because of these varied options, women often feel confused which ones would perfectly complement their outfits. Fashion forward individuals flaunt their bras called bralettes in their social media accounts such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Victoria’s Secret models often wear pushup bras for their runway looks. It’s very important to be knowledgeable about which type of bra is most suitable for the look you’re going for while keeping it appropriate for the occasion. Today, let’s take a look into 5 Different Bras for Different Styles.


T-shirt Bras are considered by many as the most essential bra all women should have. It is a classic design which is made with seamless embroidery. It’s a molded type bra which comes in multiple colors. T-shirt bras are easy to wear and exude effortless beauty. Even while you’re wearing a regular t-shirt, you should still consider wearing the appropriate bra. This will provide you comfort and increase your confidence knowing that you’ve got your fashion on point.


Probably the most coveted kind of bra is called the Push-up Bra. Most women love accentuating their breasts’ natural beauty by wearing something that would help lift them up. It’s a subtle way of showing some cleavage without showing too much skin. This is perfect for outfits which have lower cuts in the front. The padding and cut were specifically made to suit low cut ensembles. I recommend Victoria’s Secret for the best push-up bras.


Women are big on diet and exercise. However, not wearing a sports bra while you’re at the gym could cause pain and discomfort. Some of the other types of bras have built in wires in them. If you’re going to go on a treadmill and run for an hour, it wouldn’t be the wisest idea to wear bras with wires. This is why sports bras are a must before you hit the gym or do your daily run in your neighborhood. The racer back design is the most popular since it offers the best support for this activity. You can find plenty of sports bra inspo on Pinterest


Bandeaus are usually worn when you’re wearing tops which have small straps or no straps at all. They are also often used when the top has large armholes. Bandeaus are generally more decorative compared to regular bras. Its main purpose is to comfortably be able to wear a bra without showing off your undergarment. Even though it only offers very minimal support, the bandeau is well received in today’s modern society. Plenty of fashion bloggers, models, and celebrities wear bandeaus especially during summer time. In the past, I found the cutest bandeau bras at Target.


If you’re going to wear clothing without straps such as dresses or tops, you will need a strapless bra. This is perfect to wear for special occasions which requires you to wear gowns and cocktail dresses. However, it is also used on a regular basis especially during the hotter months when women love to wear tube tops. It acts the same and offers similar support as a regular bra without openly exposing your breasts to the public. I randomly found my favorite strapless bra at a Memphis lingerie store.




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